Protecting Yourself Against the CryptoWall Virus

Recently, several of our customers' computers have been infected the CryptoWall virus. Surprisingly, most did not have backups, and they lost *all* their documents, photos, videos, etc. CryptoWall is a trojan hourse virus masking itself through the guise of a friendly email, e.g. "Hey, check out this new video!" Once run, it will encrypt the contents of your hard drive and leave you with a message something like this: ransom Your options are:
  1. Pay the ransom. The criminals behind this virus have shown that they will honor the terms of their "contract". However, paying via Bitcoin is a project in and of itself.
  2. Try to decrypt the files. There are currently ways to do this for CryptoWall 1 and 2. However, CryptoWall 3 is out and there is no current way to...

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