Dedicated Server Hosting

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(Note: We strongly recommend this solution for our e-commerce customers)

For clients whose websites require uncompromised security and performance, a dedicated virtual server may be a viable option.

Typical web hosting strategies (ours included) deploy many websites from many customers on a single server. Issues can arise when one or more clients:

  • Add insecure code to their websites.
  • Add memory and CPU intensive programs to their website.
  • Acquire a sudden surge in web traffic.
  • Upload a large number of files to the server.

Since all sites share the same server, all sites may be affected by these circumstances. Your site could become slow or non-responsive, or you could suffer from another customer’s insecure code.

We at David Rodrigues Consulting use the latest measures available to segregate as much as possible all of our hosting clients, but it’s simply not possible to do this with 100% assuredness.

A virtual dedicated server solves these issues by giving the customer a complete server instance, separate from any other clients and websites. The customer receives 100% of the virtual server’s resources (memory, CPU, storage space).

The results are usually quite impressive. Your website will be faster loading and more secure, with less variance in performance.

Pricing for virtual dedicated servers start at only $100/month. If you are interested, please call or email us for more information.


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