New Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy and Server Upgrades

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Anti-Spam ServicesPutting an End to Spam

We are are happy to announce that we’ve recently installed a new Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy (ASSP) service for all of our email hosting clients. The service, which is 100% free and completely transparent, implements highly advanced technology to further limit the amount of spam and unwanted emails that end up in a user’s inbox. Further, with proper configuration your emails will be sent to our server fully encrypted. You can also manage whitelists and blacklists right from your email client, plus help teach our servers what you consider to be spam. The mechanism is simple to use and has been capturing over 95% of incoming spam thus far.

While we are on the subject of email services, we should mention that we are retiring our veritable email server, It’s served us well, but is showing it’s age. We have a shiny new server set up and ready to go — all that remains is the data transfer. We are planning to transfer the data to the new server next weekend. Although we don’t expect any major issues, email-hosting customers please feel free to email us or call with any questions. All migration operations will be completed by Monday, April 6th, so if you notice any issues, let us know right away.

New Website

Say hello to the Tangiers Motel’s shiny new website. All for just $500. If you are ready for a new, fresh design, call or email us today. See our website for more information —

Tangiers Motel


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Our new anti-spam smtp proxy server filters 97% of incoming spam.
Article Name
Our new anti-spam smtp proxy server filters 97% of incoming spam.
New anti-spam smtp proxy server filters 97% of incoming spam.
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